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OpenOffice Password Recovery is a great tool for any user of OpenOffice software
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15 January 2007

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OpenOffice Password Recovery is an all-in-one solution to the problem of lost passwords for OpenOffice documents. With its refreshingly simple interface, users can recover passwords and remove all types of document protection, including document ReadOnly protection, revision marking protection, protection of sections in OpenOffice Writer, protection of cells in OpenOffice Writer table, OpenOffice Calc documents and sheets protection.
Password loss is not as uncommon as you may think. Users can lose a password if it was entered with a typo, or using a different keyboard layout, or simply because they forgot where they put a paper note with the password. Lost passwords may be the result of system or hardware failure when a password manager was damaged or the hard disk with all the passwords was formatted unintentionally. Whatever the reason, all is not actually lost.
OpenOffice Password Recovery offers a friendly interface to make password recovery a snap. Even beginners can perform their first recovery job in just minutes after launching the program. In just a few clicks, you can recover what was thought to have been lost forever. OpenOffice Password Recovery offers you a combination of the most advanced recovery methods. Password recovery is always just a few clicks away!

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The demo software does nothing. I would suggest there be a way to allow a user to recover one password either through the software or via the web site to demonstarte it works. just my opinion.
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